Siemens successfully signed Tai Hang Steel

Siemens successfully signed Tai Hang Steel Item 54 (sets) and 16  sets of weighfeeder order, our production has been arranged. The first phase of 27 units (sets) weighfeeder and 8 sets of scales will be delivered in mid-june.

Siemens Canada moves production-line to Nanjing Marrow

Siemens Canada plant transplanted whole series WW100, WW200, WW300 to be produced in Nanjing Marrow, and Nanjing Marrow will become Siemens weighfeedersglobal production base and suppliers. WW100 prototype has been sent to Siemens Canada, WW200 prototype is still in production. Two sets of WW310 export to the USA are in production.

Siemens signed 54 (sets) of weighfeeders orders

Siemens signed 54 (sets) of weighfeeders orders with Baosteel’s new base (Shaoguan Steel) project,and the installation and pre-commissioning of the machines has been successfully completed.

Vice President Mr. Stolz and Mr. Zhu Zi Min from Siemens

On Jan. 9th, 2013, General Manager Mr. Zhu Zi Min accompany Vice President Mr. Stolz from Siemens on a visit to Nanjing Marrow to strengthen the mutual cooperation between the two sides. Mr. Zhu Zi Min and Siemens vice president Mr. Stolz, and Mr. Ling in Nanjing office. Mr. Zhu Zi Min and Mr. Stolz […]

Siemens expert Mr. Heck trains us on FTC

On Jan. 10, 2013 Mr. Heck trains us on FTC. Our technicians exchange their experience with the German expert enthusiastically. German expert Mr. Heck is with us. German expert Mr. Heck is giving the training. We raise questions to the German expert. Our technician Mr. Pan raise his questions he met during the work to […]

Siemens, Germany weighting experts visit Nanjing (Marrow) plant

On June 28th-29th 2011, Siemens German expert Mr. Martin on weighing modules visit in China. At Nanjing Marrow, Siemens weight feeder manufacturing base, Mr. Martin gave a professional training on weighing module Siwarex techn0logy and factory technician and Siemens (China) personnel participate eagerly in the technology discussion, all the parties make more exploration in the […]

SIEMENS’ dynamic weighting products service centre

Marrow is now SIEMENS’ dynamic products service centre. Since the cooperation with SIEMENS in Oct. 2006, we have provided our good quality products and service to many end users in the steel industry, cement industry, the tobacco industry, the fertilizer industry, non-ferrous metal smelting industry, feed industry, to name a few. We have tempered a […]

SIEMENS engineers trains us

Mr. Camel, an engineer of SIEMENS comes to our company to train our technicians and discuss new technologies about electrion and mechanism in the field of weightlifter machinery. Mr. Camel brought us great knowledge we can use for our company.