Supplier Meeting

With competition in full swing in this industry, quality is the key that determines the enterprise’s victory or defeat, and our supplier quality and quality control is the most important link and the source, so as to ensure the continuous improvement of our supplier team. We ensure this with our four annually held supplier quality […]

New Nanjing Marrow Machinery factory

Congratulations to Nanjing Marrow Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd. for the new factory. Good governance, innovation, trials and hardships, casting brand. Nanjing Marrow Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd. since its build step by step, has made brilliant achievements. With the further expansion of the company, in 2015. The company to a new level, the headquarters of the […]

Annual organized follow-up visit to old customers

We organize our staff to have a follow-up visit and on-site service to all of our old customers in China. This is to help customers create value, to show Nanjing Marrow’s care to our customers. Annual kindness reciprocal back to old customers spare parts promotional activities to help old customers to save cost.

Mr. Azimi visit us at Nanjing Marrow

Iranian customer Mr. Azimi come to Nanjing Marrow to inspect the machine he will buy. The quality of equipment and operating results in a very satisfactory experience! Mr. Azimi purchased a similar equipment in China years ago, but had a very bad experience for the quality of the machine and service from the Chinese company. […]

Siemens Canada moves production-line to Nanjing Marrow

Siemens Canada plant transplanted whole series WW100, WW200, WW300 to be produced in Nanjing Marrow, and Nanjing Marrow will become Siemens weighfeedersglobal production base and suppliers. WW100 prototype has been sent to Siemens Canada, WW200 prototype is still in production. Two sets of WW310 export to the USA are in production.