SIEMENS Tobacco Feeder Succeed

We designed the tobacco weightfeeder with great success. It was installed in SHANGHAI TOBACCO FACTORY. The new machine is specially designed for SIEMENS by Marrow. This new machine delivers high precision and automatic by PLC.

SIEMENS Weightfeeder 100 Sets Off-Line Ceremony

Nanjing Marrow has Cooperated with SIEMENS for two years, having supplied over 100 sets of products to SIEMENS as of date Nov.11 2008. Weightfeeder 100 Sets Off-Line Ceremony will be held in our factory.

We’re a cooperator of SIEMENS

The sample weightfeeder machines we produce has passed control and accepted by the engineers of SIEMENS. We are now a cooperator of SIEMENS, and we will be responsible for their weightfeeder production line.