ISO9000 Quality Management System training

We invite JiuBiao management consulting firm to train our staff on ISO9000 Quality Management System on Dec. 18th, 2013. Both the teacher and the students have a heated discussion on the various ways to monitor and improve the quality issues.

Weightfeeders ready for delivery!

29 pieces (sets) of Nanjing Marrow’s weighfeeder are ready for delivery after an acceptance test. The buyer is Asia Cement (China) Holdings Ltd. Jiangxi Rui Changji.

Mr. Ramin from Iran cooperation

Mr. Ramin with his family comes from Iran to seek mutual cooperation with Marrow as well as touring around Nanjing on May 11, 2013. 1. Mr. Ling with Mr. Ramin (and Mr. Ramin’s little girl) in Zhongshan mausoleum. 2. Mr. Ramin and his family is buying the rain flower stone in the arts and craft […]

Vice President Mr. Stolz and Mr. Zhu Zi Min from Siemens

On Jan. 9th, 2013, General Manager Mr. Zhu Zi Min accompany Vice President Mr. Stolz from Siemens on a visit to Nanjing Marrow to strengthen the mutual cooperation between the two sides. Mr. Zhu Zi Min and Siemens vice president Mr. Stolz, and Mr. Ling in Nanjing office. Mr. Zhu Zi Min and Mr. Stolz […]

Siemens expert Mr. Heck trains us on FTC

On Jan. 10, 2013 Mr. Heck trains us on FTC. Our technicians exchange their experience with the German expert enthusiastically. German expert Mr. Heck is with us. German expert Mr. Heck is giving the training. We raise questions to the German expert. Our technician Mr. Pan raise his questions he met during the work to […]

Mr. Graham from Siemens Canada visiting factory

On Jan. 17th, 2013, Mr. Graham from Siemens Canada visited Nanjing Marrow. Mr. Graham and Mr. Ling in Nanjing Office. Mr. Graham and Mr. Ling visiting Nanjing Marrow factory in Hushu. Mr. Graham is checking the machines.

Successful Conclusion for Brazil project

March 18, 2011, the three parties (Japanese companies; the investor, the Brazillian companies, the user side; chinese companies, the contractor) conducted the correlated inspection of weigh feeder for the Brazil project. General Manager Mr. Ling and Mr. Li explains Siemens weigh feeder’s unique structure and its benefits to the people of the three parties. People […]