New Nanjing Marrow Machinery factory

Congratulations to Nanjing Marrow Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd. for the new factory.

Good governance, innovation, trials and hardships, casting brand.

Nanjing Marrow Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd. since its build step by step, has made brilliant achievements. With the further expansion of the company, in 2015. The company to a new level, the headquarters of the company (factory) move to N0.231, Lantian road, Jiangning district,Nanjing City ,Jiangsu China, and held a grand celebration ceremony.

New environment! New meteorology! The company’s various departments, and all the staff of the business center, in this period of time in February, the relocation of the time, after a concerted effort, in April 1, 2016 officially settled in the new office building.