NANJING MARROW MACHINERY MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD, established in Oct. 2005, is a high-tech company that specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing and selling of Paper-, PLA- and Plastic Drinking Straw machines, straw packing machines, straw extruder machines and factory automation manufacture devices.

We are authorized by SIEMENS to produce weightfeeders, and also host Siemens WIM product technical service Center. SIEMENS has received more than 800 sets of excellent weightfeeders produced by us at Nanjing Marrow. Some of the industries we have delivered to is in the area of steel industry, cement industry, metallurgy industry, tobacco, chemical industry, to name a few, and have won high praises from customers. Our main focus however, is the straw machine industry.

We are adhering to the “customer first, service first” business philosophy. Our company supplies equipment and technology service for more than 420 Chinese customers and 40 percent of our products have entered the international markets, such as Europe (Italy, Russia, Greece, Turkey), East-Europe (Romania , Poland, Croatia), the South-East Asia, the Middle East, South America, and Africa. With more than 160 foreign customers, we have earned a good market reputation and market influence.

We have formed a team who are masters in both pre-sale and after-sale services. Through the cooperation with Siemens our staff have cultivated a high awareness of the quality for our products, and our staff’s skills are greatly beyond peer. Our team is led by the technical experts who has worked in the straw machinery industry for over 25 years. Our technical experts have a good reputation in the industry.

We are a pioneer of the quality and the great service we deliver in this industry! We not only provide efficient, stable, high ratio of performance to price products, but also provide systematic equipment maintenance and repair skills training courses for users. Remote telephone technical guidance; and a timely supply of spare parts to our users. This is our value-added service. We have lived up to our service commitments to all our users throughout the years! Integrity is the core value of Nanjing Marrow, and that’s why we are #1 in our industry.